Adam Graff

Adam Graff

Adam Graff graduated from UW Oshkosh in 2008 with a BS in Philosophy and Psychology. Adam established the David R. Barnes Scholarship, in memory of his friend David Barnes, who died unexpectedly from cancer treatment in 2007.

David was pursuing a teaching degree at UW Oshkosh before his unexpected passing. He was born with a gift for communicating ideas and emotions. He realized he had a passion for literature and creative writing during his senior year in high school and wrote that he dreamed that he would be the next Shakespeare. He went on to share that during his transition to college level classes he realized he probably wouldn’t achieve that dream, so a new dream took its place. Perhaps he could share his gift with students in the classroom, and someday, one of those students would become the next Shakespeare under his guidance.

With his big smile and deep dimples, Dave had a way of bringing out the best in the people who knew him. He was somewhat shy and introspective, but also warm and caring with a sly sense of humor that provided a lot of laughter when he was in the room. Even though he left this earth too soon, he had an impact on so many including his elementary and high school teachers, professors, and fellow UW Oshkosh classmates, as well as his many friends and family.

Adam, along with many good friends that Dave made while attending UW Oshkosh, supported the David R. Barnes Scholarship fund in hopes that it will give an opportunity to future English teachers to realize their passion for sharing the love of literature and creative writing and who knows, maybe discover the next Shakespeare.