Lou Chicquette

Lou Chicquette

Lou Chicquette is a faculty member in the Special & Early Childhood Education department at UW Oshkosh. Lou was a classroom teacher with the Appleton Area School District for 27 years and an administrator for the district for 10 years. Lou graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a bachelor’s degree in Special Education and Regular Education and a Master of Science in Teaching. He earned his doctorate in leadership for the advancement of learning and service from Cardinal Stritch University in 2010.

Lou established the Inez and Louis Chicquette Scholarship in honor of his parents and the Katherine Killian Chicquette Scholarship in honor of his late wife.

Inez and Louis Chicquette have been lifelong supporters of public education in the state of Wisconsin. Their children and many family members have been classroom teachers and administrators for generations. The Inez and Louis Scholarship was established in honor of a strong commitment to teachers seeking dual certification in regular and special education.

Kay Killian Chicquette was a classroom teacher in the Appleton Area School District for 36 years. She taught a variety of age groups, from kindergarten through third grade. Kay was highly respected for her work in the field of early childhood and was seen as a role model for others to emulate.