Recording Academy Scholarship

This scholarship is aimed to financially assist music industry students as they pursue internships near the end of their degree. Applicant must be enrolled full-time at the Oshkosh campus and must be in good academic standing. Applicant must be majoring in music with an emphasis in audio production, music business, or the dual option. Applicant must have at least 60 credits completed and must have an approved internship (MUS-444) for the upcoming spring or summer semester. This award will be paid out in the semester the recipient is completing their internship.

College of Letters & Science, Music, Music Industry, Oshkosh Campus, Undergraduate Award
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please list the business name and location of your approved (MUS-444) internship, as well as the approximate dates you will begin and end your internship.
  2. Please give an overview of your past and current efforts as a student that would make you a worthy recipient of this scholarship (e.g. notable recording projects, performances, extracurricular activities, leadership positions, etc).
  3. Please describe your career goals and how you foresee your internship serving as a stepping-stone to those goals.
  4. What personal traits and/or skills will you bring outside of the University that will help you achieve a successful internship, and ultimately, a successful career?