COB CAPP Instructor Scholarship

The College of Business offers scholarships to students who are teaching UW Oshkosh CAPP courses or have applied to teach in the program and who are taking a UWO COB graduate course as part of an approved professional development plan to satisfy COB CAPP instructor eligibility requirements. The scholarship is applicable to any eligible MBA Professional Program courses the student is enrolled in and the scholarship amount is equivalent to the MBA enhancement fee. The applicant must meet the MBA GPA and academic standing requirements. Students who are eligible for employer or government tuition benefits that are equal to or greater than CAPP MBA per credit charge plus fees for in person or online courses are not eligible to receive this scholarship. UW System employees are eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship will be paid out in Summer 2024.

Students are eligible to receive this scholarship every semester they are enrolled in eligible COB graduate courses. The maximum number of credits that can be earned with the assistance of this scholarship is 18. Scholarships are distributed based on the number of CAPP approved credits taken in a given semester by a student. Students are also eligible to receive additional scholarships offered through the UW Oshkosh Foundation or other organizations.

$240 per credit
College of Business, Graduate Award, MBA Program, Oshkosh Campus
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you teaching in the UWO CAPP Program or have you applied to teach in the CAPP Program?
  2. Please enter the eligible COB graduate course name and course number you are enrolled in for Summer 2024.
  3. Please provide a description and estimated amount of any employer or government tuition benefits you are or will be receiving to enroll and take the MBA Professional Program course(s) for which this scholarship is applying.