Alumni-Sponsored Excellence in Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by donations from College of Nursing alumni who want to help the next generation of nurses achieve their dream of becoming a nurse. Applicant must be a full-time undergraduate student who has been admitted, or has applied for spring admission, to the College of Nursing at the Oshkosh campus. Applicants in the traditional BSN, Accelerated BSN or BSN@Home programs are eligible to apply. Applicant must demonstrate financial need, as shown on the FAFSA; academic excellence, as shown through GPA; and a commitment to UW Oshkosh, as shown through campus involvement. Applicant must be willing to have their name and photo used for publicity purposes. Students graduating in the current academic year are not eligible to apply. If any criteria are not fulfilled, or if the student withdraws from the program, the award will be withdrawn.

College of Nursing, College of Nursing Accelerated BSN, College of Nursing BSN@Home, College of Nursing Traditional BSN, Oshkosh Campus, Undergraduate Award
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit a statement describing your involvement in UW Oshkosh extracurricular activities, including dates of involvement and any leadership positions held. See help text for considerations.