Diversity in Journalism Scholarship

Applicant must be an incoming freshman or an incoming transfer student admitted to the Oshkosh campus. Applicant must have an intended major of journalism and must demonstrate an intent to pursue a career in news-editorial journalism through participation in high school, college and/or other news media. Applicant must be a minority as defined by federal affirmative action guidelines. Applicant must demonstrate the potential for academic achievement at UW Oshkosh. Financial need, based on an essay, may be considered as a deciding factor after other criteria are met. Students graduating in the current academic year are not eligible to apply.

College of Letters & Science, Incoming Freshman Award, Incoming Transfer Award, Journalism, Minority, Oshkosh Campus
Supplemental Questions
  1. A requirement of this scholarship is to have a demonstrated intent to pursue a career in news-editorial journalism. Please list organizations, classes, publications, or other activities that demonstrate this intent.
  2. Please submit an essay explaining your interest in journalism, and in participating in student or other news media while at UW Oshkosh in order to enhance your preparation for a career as a journalist.
  3. Financial need may be a consideration, but is not the deciding factor for this award. Applicants wishing to address this subject should include a description of his/her circumstances.