MBA - Executive Multi-Student Scholarship

The College of Business MBA – Executive Program offers this scholarship to two or more individuals (maximum of five) who are employed by the same company or who identify a personal or professional connection prior to the opening residency of one of the individuals, and who were not previously recruited. Applicant must be admitted to or currently enrolled in the MBA – Executive Program. Applicants may be admitted to the same or consecutive cohorts. Students who are eligible for employer or government tuition benefits that are equal to or greater than $39,500 over the course of their program are not eligible to receive this scholarship. This scholarship will be applied beginning in Spring 2022. All scholarship recipients must attend at least two Saturday classes and must have made their tuition payment and deposit (if applicable) before the scholarship is applied to their student accounts. Recipients will receive a refund for any positive balance on their student account.

The total award amount will be determined based on the number of students who have identified a connection. The total award will be divided by the recipient’s remaining number of semesters at UWO.

  • Two cohort members – $4,462.50 each
  • Three cohort members – $7,140.00 each
  • Four cohort members – $9,817.50 each
  • Five cohort members – $12,495.00 each

Students are also eligible to receive other MBA – Executive scholarships (e.g., Not-for-Profit and Government, Road Warrior, Single Parent, Veterans.) However, the maximum amount of support across all MBA – Executive scholarships may not exceed $20,000 throughout their program. Students are also eligible to receive additional scholarships offered through the UW Oshkosh Foundation or other organizations. UW System employees are eligible for MBA – Executive scholarships.

$4,462.50 - $12,495.00 (see award description for more details)
Graduate Award, MBA Program, Oshkosh Campus
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide the first and last name of the student(s) you have a personal or professional connection with that are interested in, admitted to, or enrolled in the MBA Executive Program.
  2. Please provide a description and estimated amount of any employer or government tuition benefits you are or will be receiving over the course of the MBA Executive Program.