UWO Community Engagement Scholarship

This scholarship is for students who have been actively engaged in our local community. Being actively engaged comes in many forms: your Quest III course, an upper-level community-based learning course, volunteering through a student organization or other extra-curricular, participating in Alternative Breaks, or volunteering on your own. We are looking for a student who is excited about what they do and willing to share their story. Applicant must be currently enrolled in at least six credits as an undergraduate student at the Oshkosh campus and must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA. This award will be paid out in Spring 2024.

Recipients will be required to share their community engagement story with the Center for Civic and Community Engagement. The story will be recorded for use on social media, websites, and/or virtual newsletters. Recipients may be asked to share their story with UWO alumni, the Chancellor, or at other selected events.

For information about the award, please contact Mike Lueder at luederm@uwosh.edu.

Oshkosh Campus, Undergraduate Award, University Studies Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit a statement describing: 1) your involvement in community-based learning (Quest III) or volunteer activities while enrolled at UW Oshkosh, including dates of your involvement and any leadership positions you held; 2) what you have learned about your community and about yourself; and 3) any skills you have gained and how you may apply them in future activities (either personal or professional).
  2. Please provide the name of a contact at the community organization(s) you have worked with or the name of the professor/instructor of the course you were in while working on a community-based project.
  3. Please acknowledge that you understand if you are selected as a finalist you will be asked to provide a short video before the scholarship is awarded.