MBA - Executive Multi-Student Scholarship

The College of Business Executive MBA Program offers this scholarship to two or more individuals who either directly, or via their employer, successfully recruit a student for the EMBA Program who has not been previously identified as a potential student by the EMBA office staff. A successfully recruited student is one who has made their first tuition payment. The recruiting and recruited student each receive a $5,000 scholarship credit applied to their remaining tuition payments. The award amount will be prorated if the student’s remaining payments total less than $5,000. Combined UWO EMBA scholarships will not exceed the published EMBA total cost per student net of employer & government support. The scholarship will be applied to the recipient’s student account starting with the next tuition payment following selection.

The lockstep accelerated nature of the Executive MBA Program, as well as its modular format, may create uneven posting of credits to the student transcript. Students enrolled in the EMBA will be considered to be full-time students regardless of the number of credits posting to their transcript in a given semester.

$5,000 per recruit (split between remaining EMBA tuition payments)
Graduate Award, MBA Program, Oshkosh Campus
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide the first and last name of the student(s) you have a personal or professional connection with that are interested in, admitted to, or enrolled in the MBA Executive Program.
  2. Please provide a description and estimated amount of any employer or government tuition benefits you are or will be receiving over the course of the MBA Executive Program.