Linda Knapp McCreery Memorial Scholarship

Applicant must be enrolled as a full-time student enrolled at the Oshkosh campus. Applicant must be a single parent with physical custody of one or more minor children. Applicant must have completed at least 45 credits. This includes all college-level credits: CLEP, CAPP, retro, transfer, etc. Previous recipients are eligible to apply for the award. The recipient will agree that failure to complete the intended class work for the award semester will negate future awards without re-applying and fully explaining the circumstances causing failure to accomplish award criteria. This award will be paid out in Fall 2024.

Joe McCreery
Oshkosh Campus, Undergraduate Award
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a single parent with physical custody of one or more minor children?
  2. Please list the ages of your dependent children.
  3. Have you previously earned a degree? If yes, in what area?
  4. Did a faculty or staff member recommend that you apply for this scholarship? If so, please indicate by whom you were referred.
  5. Please submit a statement describing a) your financial need; b) your career goals; and c) how receiving the award will benefit you.