Thomas A. Plein Foundation International Clinical Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the Thomas A. Plein Foundation to support nursing students studying abroad. Applicant must be enrolled at the Oshkosh campus. Applicant must have completed STEP I & II of the OIE application for an international clinical study abroad program that will be taking place during May 2023. Upon return, recipients must send photos and a letter to the donor describing their clinical experience. This award will be paid out against the recipient’s study abroad program fee.

Thomas A. Plein Foundation
College of Nursing, College of Nursing Traditional BSN, Oshkosh Campus, Study Abroad, Undergraduate Award
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you completed STEP I & II of the OIE application for an international nursing clinical study abroad program?
  2. Do you agree to complete post-clinical requirements (see scholarship description for details)?
  3. Please list the name of the nursing study abroad program you are participating in and the semester and year in which you will be traveling. Please note: only students traveling during spring interim 2023 are eligible during this application period.
  4. Please explain why you chose this clinical, how you will fund this international clinical experience, and how you feel this clinical will impact your nursing career.